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SOCARE® are experts in our field

Whatever our clients need along the supply chain, we provide it. No excuses.

SOCARE has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of standard Slew Rings and customized or special bearings and assemblies. This experience allows us to match the product to the requirements.
Our main markets are USA,European,Russia and German.And most of our products were supplied for high-end customers.At Socare, our mission is to ensure clients unrestricted access to our experts, the ones who turn projects on paper into reality. Deal directly with the source.


We pride ourselves on our global customer service.

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Who We Are?

Fifteen years of exponential growth of Slew Rings,Slew Drives,High~precision Gears and Customized Bearings...   That’s SOCARE® .

When a company delivers again and again, people notice. And what SOCARE®   delivers is a quality product for a quality price designed and manufactured by quality people who deliver quality service.

It’s our 4Q guarantee, and it’s why the world is taking notice.

Since our start in 1997, SOCARE®  has developed into a global force in industry. One satisfied customer at a time, our reputation for peerless products, unmatched value, and logistical excellence keeps us growing—and offering more (and continuously improving) services to our expanding list of clients.

Expect more. Then contact SOCARE® . 

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SOCARE® Custom Bearings

SOCARE® is glad to offer special bearings especially the Slew Ring Bearings from small Single-row Ball Slewing Ring Bearings for light duty applications to large Roller/ball Combined Slewing Ring Bearings for demanding heavy applications and even complex structure bearings for special applications . SOCARE can cross over the most of major brands for an exact fit. If you can’t find exactly what you need? SOCARE can design a bearing specifically for your specific projects.

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SOCARE® always believes that Quality Creates Value and SOCARE® always advises our partners to trust the Test Tools only. The Test Tools could identify that SOCARE® is the best solution for your application.

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