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Slewing Bearing

A slewing bearing or Slew Ring is a piece of hardware used to facilitate circular movement, usually of a large device such as a crane. The term "slew" means to turn without changing location, so a slewing bearing is one that will not move out of place but will instead facilitate movement while in one position. These bearings are usually quite large and are used for heavy-duty applications; they are therefore usually made from heavy-duty metals such as alloy steel, though other materials including aluminum and titanium can be used for their construction as well.

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Single-row Four Point Contact Ball Slew Rings without Flange (SCB-HS Series)

Single-row Four Point Contact Ball Slew Rings without Flange (SCB-HS Series)

  • Single Row Ball Slew Rings HS Series
  • 500-1200MM
  • 300-100MM
  • Gearless,with an external or an internal gear.
  • Available
  • NBR I-3 or VITON
  • Integral Steel Cgae,PA1010
  • 4140(42CrMo);1053(50Mn)
  • Available
  • CN

10 Results

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