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Worm Drives WD series

Worm  Drives WD series Worm  Drives WD series Worm  Drives WD series Worm  Drives WD series

The WD series is a good choice when you are in the Wild harsh working conditions and need anti-glued more stronger. WE series slewing drive is similar to the SD, but the difference is designed with curved tooth slewing ring, the output torque is increased, with the smooth running of a superior anti-sandstorm, field use, etc.

WD Series Slewing drive is combined by the curved tooth slewing ring and worm shaft and the housing.The compact contact between the Slewing Ring gear and worms can supply supply larger torque.  

The Worm Drive series can be used in Solar filed which can drive the solar tracker bracket to track the sun shining in order to improve the efficiency of power generation. And also can be used on construction machinery filed to drive the related rotating objects by 360°..


●This is caused by h-fang independent research and development, designing with the enclosed housing and curved tooth slewing ring. Better rigidity and stronger impact resistance

●SOCARE® designing the WD Series use curved tooth slewing ring and Straight Worm; it is more touch and stronger anti-sandstorm

●In Europe and America Mature markets, has been recognized by customers



WD series slewing drive widely used for relative rotation parts of the construction machines.

●The Aerial platform Chassis rotation.

●The rotation of ship cranes.

●Drive the Grab machine gripper rotation.

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